In the KNMP folder 'complaints about your pharmacy' you can read what you can do with your dissatisfaction or complaint about your pharmacy. This brochure is available from Serpha. Your pharmacist will be happy to help you resolve your complaint.

When you have a complaint

1. Discuss the complaint with your pharmacist

Always discuss the complaint with your pharmacist first. Do you have a complaint about Serpha? You can do something with it: talk to the pharmacist and / or the pharmacy assistant in the pharmacy. This is also possible if your complaint concerns an employee of the pharmacy. If your pharmacist does not know that you are dissatisfied, he or she cannot try to resolve the complaint. The Serpha pharmacy has a complaints registration system. When a complaint is reported, the pharmacist / pharmacy assistant will fill in a digital complaint form and handle the complaint in an appropriate manner. Feedback will of course be given to you.

Do not wait too long to file a complaint. The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to find out exactly what happened.

2. Complaints officer
Can't figure it out together? Then you can submit your complaint to a complaints officer. It does not take sides and has no judgment. He or she is independent. Everything you tell this person is confidential. The complaints officer can mediate. And looks for a solution together with you.

T 06 22 92 16 49

3. Disputes Committee
Can't figure it out with the pharmacist? And has mediation also not been successful? Then you can submit your complaint to the Disputes Committee for Public Pharmacies. He will make a decision about your complaint. The Disputes Committee for Public Pharmacies is independent and falls under the Foundation Complaints & Disputes for Primary Care (SKGE).

- Does the Disputes Committee agree with your complaint? Then the complaint is declared well-founded and repetition must be prevented.
- Have you been damaged? Then you can request compensation. The Disputes Committee decides whether you are entitled to this.


Complaints officer and mediation
T 06 22 92 16 49

Disputes Committee for Public Pharmacies
Mailbox 8018
5601 KA Eindhoven
T 088 02 29 181

T 070 37 37 373

Public Pharmacies Complaints Procedure:

Mediation by the complaints officer costs nothing. Are you going to the disputes committee? There are costs involved. You can find the rates on

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