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This privacy statement was last modified on September 18, 2019 and is valid from this date.

Which medicines or aids you use and for what purpose is of course private. In order to process your prescription correctly, various data are recorded in a pharmacy. The most important are your personal and medication data. The principles for recording and using your data are the Medical Treatment Agreement Act (WGBO) and privacy legislation (the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR). Serpha is also obliged by the WGBO to record and maintain your data in a file. Read more about the WGBO on the KNMP website. We only use your data for the provision of pharmaceutical care and the associated administration and we protect your data well against infringement by third parties.

Which data is processed in the pharmacy?

Serpha records data about your medication use and is the controller.

By recording your medication use, Serpha can check whether the prescribed medication can be used safely in your situation. For example, data is recorded that has to do with your health, insofar as you have passed it on to the pharmacy: allergies, chronic diseases, desire to have children, and so on. In addition, Serpha records data about the medications you use, as well as other information that may be relevant to your treatment. You have the right to view, have supplemented, corrected, removed or shielded your own file. You also have the right to restrict the processing or transferability of your data. Serpha keeps your file in the pharmacy for at least 20 years according to the legal term. You can always request a medication overview from your pharmacy.

Are you dissatisfied with the way Serpha handles your data? It is nice if you first contact your pharmacist to discuss this. Serpha takes complaints seriously and records every complaint in writing. Can't figure it out with the pharmacist? Then you can use our complaints procedure. You also have the right to file a complaint with our Data Protection Officer (available by email:, stating "for the attention of the Data Protection Officer). Can't figure it out with Serpha? Then you can submit your complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

What data does Serpha record and for what purpose?

Personal data

Data Purpose
Name, address, zip code, city Make and maintain contact
Citizen service number Identification
Date of birth (and date of death) Identification
Gender Identification
Phone number, email address Make and maintain contact
Name of general practitioner, specialists
or other healthcare providers
Make and maintain contact

Financial-administrative data

Data Purpose
Insurance data Check whether you are insured
Authorization information Automatic debit
Declaration data Invoicing with your health insurer
Date of registration (and departure) Maintaining contact and filing

Medical and pharmacotherapeutic data

Data Purpose
Therapy / treatment / drug data Provide care:
  - assessment of your health
  - advise on drug use
  - filing
Indications / reason for prescribing (if known) Provide care:
  - assessment of your health
  - advise on drug use
  - filing
Contraindications, allergies and intolerances
(if these are known)
Provide care:
  - assessment of your health
  - advise on drug use
  - filing
Laboratory results (if known and
if these are important for the safe use of medicines)
Provide care:
  - assessment of your health
  - advise on drug use
  - filing

Serpha handles your data very carefully in the pharmacy. The pharmacist and the pharmacy assistants have professional secrecy. Pharmacy employees and interns have signed a nondisclosure agreement. They must not pass on anything about you to others. In addition, only those involved in your treatment, such as your prescriber and pharmacist, are allowed to view your record. It may be necessary for your prescriber and pharmacist to consult each other to ensure proper treatment. For example, when an allergy is diagnosed, two drugs cannot be used together, or side effects occur.

When and to whom can Serpha provide your data even more?

  • When you collect medicines from a service pharmacy in the region, this pharmacy can request your details from your own pharmacy. For example, the service pharmacy checks whether you can safely use the medicine that has been prescribed. The pharmacy may only request your data if you have given them permission to do so. See the paragraph Sharing medical data below.
  • In order to be able to claim the costs of your medicines, Serpha informs your health insurer of the medicines that have been provided to you (only the funds to be declared to your health insurer).
  • Serpha automatically screens your medication data to identify possible improvements in your pharmacotherapy and to guide you optimally in the use of your medication. This is done with decision rules that are formulated on the basis of science, treatment guidelines or contract agreements.
  • We also share your data with a financial administration of the Nij Geertgen clinic with which we have concluded an agreement. For example, they can process invoices.
  • In urgent situations, Serpha can pass on your data to healthcare providers in, for example, the hospital. You will be asked for permission in advance. When this is not possible or in life-threatening situations, the pharmacist considers whether the provision of personal data is necessary and responsible.

Customer satisfaction research
Your email address can be used to measure your experience with Serpha through a customer satisfaction survey. Serpha would like to know what you think of our services, but is also obliged to measure customer experiences based on the Quality, Complaints and Disputes Care (Wkkgz) Act. This research is anonymous and is therefore carried out by an independent research agency. This agency has no insight into your drug data.

Sharing medical data?
At you can give permission or withdraw your permission to make your medical data available for consultation via the LSP (Landelijk Schakelpunt). Your general practitioner, pharmacy or other care provider may then have your medical data consulted by another care provider, such as an acting general practitioner, the GP service, the pharmacy or a medical specialist in the hospital. They may only view your data if this is necessary for your treatment. And only if you agree and if it is necessary for your treatment. You must give separate permission for each care provider via If you have given permission, your doctor or pharmacy will process it in your file. You can always withdraw your consent. Please consider that your medical data will no longer be available for consultation.

Information and distribution of medicines
The Serpha pharmacist or pharmacist's assistant will inform you orally about medicines and aids. He or she may provide you with additional written information. When providing this information, your privacy is taken into account as much as possible.

In general, conversations that take a little longer or that concern privacy-sensitive matters are conducted in a separate consultation room. You can always ask for this yourself, if you need it. If medicines are available for another person, the pharmacist or the pharmacy assistant will only give these medicines if that other person has given you permission to collect the medicines. Is someone else collecting the medicines on your behalf? Then Serpha will inform this person about the use of the medicines, unless you have indicated in advance that you do not want this. Privacy sensitive information destroys Serpha in the pharmacy separately.

Tip for your privacy
Make sure you remove labels yourself before returning old medicines. These labels contain your personal data.

Online Services
Personal data that you provide to the pharmacy via the website are also treated confidentially.

This text is based in part on KNMP information.

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